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Environmental Law continues to develop and impact more and more fields through the need of sustainable development. It involves administrative law as well as civil and criminal law making it a very difficult and technical field of the Law.

Environmental Law is complicated and in permanent evolution. The office assists you in different fields of environmental law regarding pollutions, risks and nuisances (industrial plants, polluted soils, waste management, pesticides products, noise and nuisances), as well as natural heritage with, in particular, the protection of lands and species (Natural Parks, Natura 2000, Historical & Natural Monuments, Sensitive Natural Areas, etc.), hunting and fishing regulations, or management of water resources, environmental impact assessments, public participation and administrative authorizations.

Regarding Civil Law, as corporates environmental liability, we advise our clients to manage their environmental issues and we work on drafting environmental provisions within contracts for transfer of activities, merger-acquisition or subsidiarisation.

Finally, regarding Criminal Law, we assist our clients during the criminal transaction proceedings, alternative solutions to trial, as well as in American and French criminal Courts.

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